Monday, January 16, 2006

My name is Melissa Bruinsholz (don't worry about the last name) everyone calls me Missy. I just transfered here this semester and I am going into P.R.
My top five personal values are family, religion, life, education, and money. I believe that I have some similarities with the medias values, but not strong ties with them. I think the media values drama and scandal, money, sex, politics, tradgedy/death/blood, and although I don't think they always do it truth.
Looking at the values that I have come up with for myself and the media I know that I fit in well enough with education and money. However, I think there are some conflicts when it comes down to my value of family, religion, and life. I don't predict these to be a problem in the work force unless I am asked to do somthing I view as unethical or against my moral code. I know that I will have to make some judgement calls, perhaps more than most people do, but I believe it wont be a larger problem than in any other job.